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akikonuri's Journal

28 April 1985
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"If the World is your Stage, and your Life is the Play, where the hell is your Stylist?"
Fashion isn't behind the scenes, it's what makes you a star

After living in many places around the globe, and really having to learn to adapt and love each place, home isn't so much where the heart is, but where you just are at that exact moment. Its the same with interests and hobbies, and types and all things related to life.

So at the moment? its the love of all things Asian, a return to the roots if you will- from food to language, customs and art, and last but not least fashion- from the streets of Harajuku to Dongdaemun in Seoul, to the Lady's Market in Mongkok Hong Kong, these are the places to be to see the latest and bravest of the fashionista world.

Come check out my reports and sightings of what’s in and what’s not, and hopefully have you not condemn me for it. :P